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From day one our clinic has been a story of individuals from the Body of Christ volunteering their time, talents, and treasures to realize a common goal of serving the hurting in our city inside our four walls.

The first example of that was from our founding partners, QuestCare Partners and Watermark Community Church.

In late 2012, the leadership of QuestCare found themselves brainstorming how to give back to the community from some of their business’ success. After discussing the possibility of a non-profit clinic, Dr. Matthew Bush, ER Physician and principal within QuestCare Partners, connected with leadership at his home church, Watermark Community Church to partner together on the endeavor.

“While the QuestCare team offers medical expertise, we did not know a lot about meeting needs in an underserved community,” said Dr. Matt Bush. “Watermark is the first organization we talked to about the Clinic and from there the partnership began.” 

With the help of QuestCare’s leadership and Watermark’s church body, men and women through the church and community were quickly mobilized to make the clinic happen.

Real estate agents, city officials, community leaders, and construction teams came together to select our first clinic's location and make the build out possible.  Housed in the middle of a strategic area of need, the clinic was able to see thousands of people in it's first year of opening. Within a few short years our first location had reached maximum capacity and we started to consider what might be next. 

As we sought wisdom from key partners, prayed, and planed we came to the following conclusion. 

It was time to grow beyond our original four walls.

Under the guidance of our local church partner, Watermark Plano, and the continued support of QuestCare Partners, local government, and our construction team we were able to open to patients in May of 2018!


The photos below are from our launch party on April 29th. 


With the opening of our second clinic, we were able to bring clarity to who we've always been- the local church meeting the city's needs. In 2018 our name was changed to Watermark Urgent Care and Watermark Health was created to oversee our two clinics and any future endeavors.  

We count it a privilege to serve the city through our two facilities, and pray expectantly for many more opportunities to care for those around us. We care because we know our patients are already cared for by the God who created them. It is our joy to remind them of that as we meet their physical needs. 

That's our story. What's your's?

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